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Excellence in
Bariatric Surgery
CALSURG is the leader in laparoscopic weight loss surgery.

Bariatric Specialization

CALSURG is one of the few bariatric surgical practices that specialize exclusively in weight loss surgery. Bariatrics is our only priority. Dr. Brian Quebbemann’s experience covers thousands of successful procedures.

S.L.I.M.M.S.™ Procedure

Now in clinical trial, a new weight loss procedure designed by Dr. Quebbemann: The S.L.I.M.M.S. Procedure, combining a vertical sleeve gastrectomy and a gastric bypass, to potentially combine the long-term benefits of both.

Scar-Less Weight Loss

CALSURG offers decades of expertise in gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, revisions and other procedures. We also offer unique services including Dr. Quebbemann’s Scar-Less technique for gastric sleeve.

Working together toward your perfect weight

A Master in Minimally-Invasive Weight Loss Surgery

CALSURG combines decades of expertise in laparoscopic surgery with an intimate understanding of how weight loss works. Post-op coaching empowers patients to achieve permanent weight loss.

Master Surgeon

Over 20+ years, Dr. Brian Quebbemann has become one of the most respected bariatric surgeons in America

The Right Procedure

CALSURG pairs patients with the right surgical procedure for their weight loss.

Better Support

Expert coaching from one of the profession's most experienced weight loss surgeons.
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